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Global chauffeur firm chooses UPS Systems for complete standby power managed service

UPS Systems, a leading UK power technology company, has supplied Carey Worldwide Chauffeured Services with a complete uninterruptible power supply, back-up generator and a continuous monitoring service, ensuring business operations remain unaffected by power outages. Located in Brentford, Middlesex, Carey’s European headquarters experiences two or three major power cuts every year, often lasting for several hours. Carey required a comprehen... [more]

UPS Systems ensures continuous power supply for critical life safety systems with its new PowerPro EL static inverter range

UPS Systems has launched a new range of high performance static inverters, aimed at the security industry. The inverters ensure central power supplies used to provide a source of independent power for security equipment, such as emergency lighting and other essential safety equipment are maintained and that life safety systems operate effectively. The PowerPro EL range of inverters has been designed to meet stringent new European emergency... [more]

UPS Systems lights Trafalgar’s iconic Christmas tree

UPS Systems has donated a fuel cell system to light Trafalgar Square’s Christmas tree. The fuel cell will power the star on top of the tree throughout December and the New Year. The iconic tree is a tradition that dates back to 1947 when the city of Oslo donated the first tree to the people of London. Oslo has since donated a tree every year to thank the UK for its support of Norway during the Second World War. The Lord Mayor of Westminster... [more]

UPS Systems to lease Air Liquide's hydrogen fuel cell systems

UPS Systems has announced it signed a new distributor agreement with Air Liquide Hydrogen Energy to become the first UK company to offer its three brand new hydrogen fuel cell systems: the Energy Container, the Mobixane and the Commpac 500. All three of Air Liquide Hydrogen Energy’s hydrogen systems are powered by a PEM fuel cell. They offer an autonomous, clean power supply for remote locations where access to mains grid power is difficult. T... [more]

REMO Live helps managers to identify power failures before they occur

UPS Systems' REMO Live is the next generation in remote monitoring equipment. The first generation of REMO provided remote monitoring for power failures. REMO Live builds on this and acts as a diagnostic aid and helps IT managers to identify problems before they occur. REMO Live provides protection for a range of systems, including generators, UPS equipment and fuel cells, giving IT managers status reports on the most important aspects of thei... [more]

REMO alerts Brandbank to the fault with its generator

Brandbank creates, manages and distributes content for over 3000 customers, delivering to European multi-channel retailers including Asda, Booker, Musgrave, Sainsbury's, Superdrug, Superquinn, Tesco, and Waitrose - so it is vital that its systems remain operational at all times. When Brandbank’s backup generator failed recently, REMO issued an automatic warning to both Brandbank and UPS Systems, alerting them to the fault. UPS Systems' remote ... [more]

EFOY Pro 2200 XT fuel cell offers 50 percent more energy at reduced cost per kilowatt hour

UPS Systems plc has added the EFOY Pro 2200 XT, SFC Energy’s latest direct methanol fuel cell, to its product portfolio. The EFOY Pro 2200 XT offers 38% more power than the EFOY Pro 1600, generates 90W of electricity and is suitable for a range of prime and standby power applications. When compared to the EFOY Pro 2200, it boasts a 50% increase in guaranteed energy capacity, a 15% reduction in the cost per kWh and promises a 50% increase in th... [more]

In some situations, EFOY fuel cells can save up to 90 percent in operating and maintenance costs

UPS Systems plc has added the EFOY Pro 2200 methanol fuel cell to its product portfolio. The EFOY Pro 2200 offers 38% more power than the EFOY Pro 1600; it generates 90W of electricity and is suitable for a range of prime and standby power applications. As with all fuel cells in the EFOY range, the EFOY Pro 2200 is a ‘plug and play’ solution – customers do not need special expertise to install it. In addition, the new unit offers several benef... [more]

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