EFOY Pro 2200 XT fuel cell offers 50 percent more energy at reduced cost per kilowatt hour EFOY Pro 2200 XT fuel cell offers 50 percent more energy at reduced cost per kilowatt hour - news feed from the Electrical News Portal

UPS Systems plc has added the EFOY Pro 2200 XT, SFC Energy’s latest direct methanol fuel cell, to its product portfolio.

The EFOY Pro 2200 XT offers 38% more power than the EFOY Pro 1600, generates 90W of electricity and is suitable for a range of prime and standby power applications. When compared to the EFOY Pro 2200, it boasts a 50% increase in guaranteed energy capacity, a 15% reduction in the cost per kWh and promises a 50% increase in the longevity of the unit, with a 24 month or 4,500 hour warranty.

As with all fuel cells in the EFOY Pro Series, the EFOY Pro 2200 XT is a ‘plug and play’ solution – customers do not need special expertise to install it. In addition, the new unit offers several benefits for traffic regulation, CCTV and remote monitoring applications.

The EFOY Pro 2200 XT is robust and doesn’t require maintenance, so it can be left alone for long periods. An EFOY Pro 2200 XT using a 28-litre fuel cartridge can power a 50W traffic signal serial blinker for 26 days, while a traditional battery provides sufficient power for only a day before being swapped out or re-charged.

An EFOY M10 fuel cartridge with 10 litre methanol provides 11.1 kWh of electricity – enough to power a 25W camera for three weeks without intervention. The compact fuel cell fits into small spaces, and is quiet and emission-free, so systems can run undetected.

Used in conjunction with the EFOY Pro Cube, the EFOY Pro 2200 XT is suitable for standby power applications and for operation in remote areas where there isn’t easy access to the grid. The EFOY Pro 2200 XT can be located outside, and can operate in all weather conditions.

“The EFOY Pro 2200 XT is another example of great engineering that meets the current needs of the market,” said UPS Systems’ Managing Director, Tom Sperrey. “Of the fuel cells in our portfolio, the EFOY Pro range is the most popular as it’s a cost-effective alternative to batteries or generators, and fulfils a real need amongst our customers. Customer awareness and interest is growing in the use of methanol fuel cells because businesses are realising that while the capital costs are higher, the on-going maintenance costs can be significantly lower.”

SFC Energy’s CEO, Dr. Peter Podesser, said, “The EFOY Pro 2200 XT is the answer to growing demands for longer off-grid power availability by our industry customers. We are encouraged by UPS Systems feedback about the EFOY Pro range and hope that by working together we can continue to grow the adoption of the technology in the UK.”

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