In some situations, EFOY fuel cells can save up to 90 percent in operating and maintenance costs In some situations, EFOY fuel cells can save up to 90 percent in operating and maintenance costs - news feed from the Electrical News Portal

UPS Systems plc has added the EFOY Pro 2200 methanol fuel cell to its product portfolio. The EFOY Pro 2200 offers 38% more power than the EFOY Pro 1600; it generates 90W of electricity and is suitable for a range of prime and standby power applications.

As with all fuel cells in the EFOY range, the EFOY Pro 2200 is a ‘plug and play’ solution – customers do not need special expertise to install it. In addition, the new unit offers several benefits for traffic regulation, surveillance and remote monitoring applications.

The EFOY Pro 2200 is robust and doesn’t require maintenance, so it can be left alone for long periods. An EFOY Pro 2200 using a 28-litre methanol cartridge can power a 50W traffic signal serial blinker for 26 days, while a traditional battery can only power it for one day.

The EFOY Pro 2200 is suited to powering security cameras and other surveillance applications. Using a 10-litre methanol cartridge, it provides 11.1kW of electricity – enough to power a 25W camera for three weeks without intervention. The compact fuel cell fits into small spaces, and is quiet and emission-free, so systems can run undetected.

Like other fuel cells in the EFOY range, the EFOY Pro 2200 can be used in hybrid installations that take advantage of renewable energy sources such as solar or wind. Such configurations recharge the batteries that power electrical equipment – this makes the EFOY Pro 2200 suitable for standby power applications and for operation in remote areas where there isn’t easy access to the grid. The EFOY Pro 2200 can be located outside, and can operate in all weather conditions.

“EFOY has proved that, in some situations, its fuel cells can save users up to 90% in operating and maintenance costs, so the argument for investing in fuel cell technology continues to grow,” said UPS Systems Managing Director, Tom Sperrey. “The EFOY Pro 2200 is a welcome addition to our product range because it enables us to offer an effective power solution for more applications such as traffic signalling and surveillance.”

“By launching our EFOY Pro 2200, we are responding to strong demand in remote power applications.The EFOY Pro 2200 fuel cell generator offers 38 % more power in exactly the same package as before. By offering this high-performance power solution, users get even higher autonomy for demanding off-grid devices- at more attractive energy cost”, says Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG.

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