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Megaman supports the Sustainable Energy Academy in promoting better energy efficiencies in buildings and communities

The Sustainable Energy Academy (SEA) is a UK registered charity, founded in 1982, to advance the knowledge and application of energy efficiency and renewable energy. To demonstrate how best to improve the energy efficiency of older dwellings, it has set up a network of exemplar energy efficient houses around the country, which are easily accessible to local residents. It believes that the ‘Old Home, Superhome’ project will help homeowners and loc... [more]

Serenga LED emergency lighting integrates LED light sources with compact modular electronics

Emergi-Lite's new Serenga LED emergency lighting range integrates LED light sources with compact modular electronics to produce new and exciting luminaires that offer contemporary styling, plus ease of installation and performance. Serenga Escape LED emergency lighting and escape route signs use a straightforward modular selection process to give ultimate flexibility. The product’s high brightness LED light sources provide superb soft illumin... [more]

Remote lighting control for ambience and energy efficiency

In a world seemingly long ago and far away, there was a time when your parents actually had to rouse themselves from the comfort of their easy chairs to change the TV channel or adjust the volume manually. Then, along came the marvelous remote handsetto allow us to stay comfortably where we were and let our fingers do the walking. The simple handheld remote control is one of technology’s finest creations, already firmly established as a favor... [more]

New Lighting Designs from Indian Ocean

Illuminating ideas from Indian Ocean include a wide range of outdoor lighting for walls, paths, driveways and flowerbeds. Crafted in teak, granite, stainless steel, brass, zinc and cast iron, the materials have been chosen for their longevity in all weather conditions with the minimum of maintenance required and most are designed to use low energy light bulbs. The lighting designs are available in a number of sizes and finishes to suit all req... [more]

iLight launches Revio and Ineo lighting control panel ranges

Revio and Ineo, two advanced lighting control panel ranges have been launched by iLight, part of Cooper Controls. The Revio is the company's new premier range with touch pad control and is unlike any other lighting control panels available today. Good layout leads users to simply press the on / off button or touch the surface of the panel to select the scene or zone they want to control, making it much easier than having to navigate throug... [more]

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