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Marl LED bayonet cap bulb replacement lasts 100 times longer

A new Marl LED is an optical and electrical replacement for standard miniature Edison screw filament bulbs in control panels, but lasts 100 times longer and uses much less energy. Based on a standard T3¾ bayonet cap, the new Marl 261 series is ideal for industrial control panels and annuniciator panels, offering a 100,000 hours service life, compared to 1,000 hours for a typical filament bulb. For many applications the service life of the LED ... [more]

Green lamp made in synthetic grass

Conceived for a charity competition by ITlab, the green lamp is made in synthetic grass completely recyclable and low powered lamp. The cube structure of the lamp gives it added versatility, letting it rest on the floor, on a table, suspended from the ceiling or coffee table version. Grass-on allows green to be within sight no matter where you are indoors, night or day, and with minimal care and if for any reason you prefer more light, you ... [more]

AEGIS illuminator delivers accurate colour rendition with colour and day night cameras

Derwent has extended its AEGIS range of illuminators to include a covert 940nm version and a powerful visible white light version for use with colour and day / night cameras. Featuring Constant Light(tm) technology, AEGIS illuminators automatically control and adjust light output to compensate for LED degradation over time, a problem common with all other LED based illuminators. An issue identified by security consultants, specifiers and end u... [more]

Intelligent Lighting Controls for Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

A hospital’s primary mission is to provide seamless 24-hour/365-day treatment to patients – frequently in critical condition and extreme pain. Reliable and appropriate lighting control systems are essential in all areas of the modern hospital, and must offer centralized system architecture, multi-point programming and switching, the ability to operate with all types of standard and specialized lamps, as well as robust operation, ease of maintenan... [more]

Xscape high output solid-state light source uses 98% less energy than current fluorescent tube technology

Illuminex' new advanced emergency lighting Xscape family has been created to take full advantage of the latest in solid state light source and battery technologies. The Xscape family automatically self-tests to meet the monthly and annual testing of every single luminaire in the system required by BS EN 5266 part 1, Code of practice for the emergency lighting of premises. The results of the BS 5266 tests are stored in local memory for recov... [more]

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