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Opus Energy portal gives energy brokers complete control

Energy brokers are being offered greater control and transparency with an innovative new online portal from business energy supplier Opus Energy, which is set to transform the tendering process. The new portal allows energy brokers to track the entire tendering process easily and view real-time statuses online. Brokers are also able to request to re-quote and accept quotations via the portal, instead of using the traditional approach of phonin... [more]

High Voltage Insulating Mats for Electrical control panels

Insulating Mats for Electrical Purposes are used as Floor covering for the protection & prevention of workers from Electric-Stock while working in Electricity generation, Transmission & its distribution or any other related work on AC and DC installations. Synthetic Insulation Mats or Poly Electro Safe Mats are available both for H.T & LT Voltage Panels with the system voltages up to 66 kV ac and 240 V dc- Insulating Mats are laid down on floo... [more]

Micron 7 hand-held control offers increased operational possibilities and safety

HBC-radiomatic has added the Micron 7 to its range of Micron hand-held controls, designed for industrial cranes and machinery. A combination of the Micron 4 and 6, the new control has a wider range of standard features which offer increased operational possibilities and safety. The Micron 7 has 10 two-step buttons plus two rotary switches. A new integrated colour LCD with LED backlight provides a clear display of a wide range of information ... [more]

EAO's online Product Finder helps guide visitors through its comprehensive range of switch components

EAO has introduced a new Product Finder at their corporate website, which helps guide visitors through EAO’s comprehensive range of switch components, which includes illuminated pushbuttons, indicators, key switches, emergency-stop switches and membrane panels among many others. It uses an advanced parametric search feature which allows a number of simultaneous criteria to be specified. For example, finding a selector switch with two position... [more]

AMP introduces two frame grabbers for PC 104-Plus and mini PCI

Advanced Micro Peripherals has introduced two high performance frame grabbers for the PC/104-Plus and mini PCI markets - both supporting 4 analog input channels with full frame rate video acquisition at full D1 NTSC / PAL image size (up to 720 x 576 pixels). These cards are well suited for applications in defense, traffic systems and instrumentation projects, providing full frame rate acquisition with options for color space conversion and fle... [more]

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