Micron 7 hand-held control offers increased operational possibilities and safety Micron 7 hand-held control offers increased operational possibilities and safety - news feed from the Electrical News Portal

HBC-radiomatic has added the Micron 7 to its range of Micron hand-held controls, designed for industrial cranes and machinery. A combination of the Micron 4 and 6, the new control has a wider range of standard features which offer increased operational possibilities and safety.

The Micron 7 has 10 two-step buttons plus two rotary switches. A new integrated colour LCD with LED backlight provides a clear display of a wide range of information using easily-understood symbols with display navigation via a two-step push button. The display can also provide valuable feedback information such as crane load to ensure operational safety.

Other enhanced safety features include a vibration alarm as standard which informs the operator of critical machine conditions or possible dangers, such as excess loads. It also warns of low battery status, indicating the imminent need to change the battery, which is a powerful NiMH replaceable battery offering 17 hours of continuous operating time in the standard version. Also included as standard is HBC-radiomaticís iLOG which enables the quick activation of a spare transmitter in the event of a defective radio control.

An optional feature of the Micron 7 is user identification via a smart card. Use of the HBC Smart Card protects the control from unauthorised use by identifying the individual operator and the user levels that operator is allowed access to. This enables any functions that could affect safety to be restricted to only those personnel with the training and authority to carry them out. The same function allows valuable operational data, such as how long the crane/machine has been in use, to be stored.

Other options include radiomatic AFS, radiomatic shock-off/roll-detect/zero-g, pre-selection of trolley/hoist, tandem operation, catch-release, operation with Multi-Receiver-Concepts (MRC) and customised labeling by laser.

The Micron 7 comes in a robust plastic housing, rated IP65 and has integrated rubber impact protection. With manual frequency switching, it can be used with a wide range of HBC-radiomatic receivers.

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