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Spit extends its Tapcon range

Tapcon screws cut their own thread which eliminates the need for plugs, and makes them at least 2 x faster to install. The Spit Tapcon self-tapping screw anchor range now features 4 new head types and another 13 different dimensions including shallow embedment products. The Tapcon range is available in M5 up to M20, length 35mm up to 160mm . The new unique sawtooth thread offers: * Resistance to vibrations / loosening * Allows ... [more]

Beware of bump-fire tools

Contractors should be aware of the dangers of using tools on site which feature a bump-fire facility. Not only are the tools insufficiently accurate for trim work, they are potentially highly dangerous under certain site conditions and could contravene the health and safety requirements of EN792-13. While bump firing may be suitable in controlled areas, EN792-13 says that bump fire nailers should not be used in situations where operators are u... [more]

Fluke offers complete range of power quality tools for three-phase systems

Fluke offers a complete range of power quality tools for three-phase systems, offering a choice of solutions for pinpointing power problems faster in a wide range of industrial, commercial and domestic installations. The instruments include the Fluke 1740 Series Power Quality Loggers and the 1735 Power Logger, as well as two products offering IEC 61000-4-30 Class A-compliance - the handheld 430 Series Power Quality Analysers and the 1760 Power... [more]

New Earth Ground Testers from Fluke with Stakeless testing

Fluke has introduced two new Earth Ground Testers which perform all four types of ground resistance measurements quickly and conveniently. Using just 2 clamp meters, in a time-saving technique called ‘Stakeless’ testing, the Fluke 1623 Basic Earth Ground Tester and the Fluke 1625 Advanced Earth Ground Tester are able to measure earth ground resistance without the use of earth ground stakes or the disconnection of ground rods. Ideal for Pr... [more]

Primata pre-wired trunking system allows for easier installation

Thorn Lighting has introducing a new version of its Primata pre-wired trunking system - and making improvements so that it’s easier to install, easier to save money with, and easier to look at. Primata II features a simple, tool-free, ‘snap-on and turn’ mounting system that provides instant electrical connection. And when there’s rapid fixing, there’s less cost and less labour. Another ‘plus’ is that the array of luminaires, optics and acce... [more]

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