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Sales leads are the lifeblood of your business. Electrical Portal's highly targeted audience is constituted of electrical contractors, panel builders, specifiers & consultants, end users, maintenance engineers, electrical engineers and lighting designers. Most of them are actively looking to source and purchase new or used equipment, or services. You can now make it easy for them to receive your latest brochure, promotion, catalogue, or additional information about your products by registering for our sales lead generation service.

How does it work?

With the Electrical Portal sales lead generation service, you get a special link ("request additional information on this product") on all the articles we will publish about your organisation. This special link will be highlighted to stand out on the page, so that readers can folllow it to register their interest and send you their details. You can specify where these enquiries should be sent, to ensure that these leads reach the right person or department in your organisation.

The Electrical Portal sales lead generation service is similar to the "bingo card" service provided by print magazines, but with a major benefit: It is immediate. When a potential prospect is interested about a specific product or service, he/she needs the information now, not in several weeks time. With our Internet based sales lead generation service, you get "hot" leads and you can contact your prospects straight away.

How many leads will I get?

From previous experience, our sales lead service is likely to generate hundreds of genuine sales leads each year. Obvioulsy, this may vary depending on the content of your articles, but when you consider the impact of just 1 new client on your sales and profit, ensuring your are getting all these valuable leads makes a lot of commercial sense.

Any additional benefit?

With the sales lead generation service, we will also display your banner at no extra cost on the right hand side of all articles on the Electrical Portal site. This alone, based on the number of page impressions generated by our site, is worth several hundred pounds.

How much does it cost?

This sales generation service only costs 95 / month (+ vat), or 150 euros, or 170 US$ (minimum 12 months). Based on the cost of sales lead generation through other channels (compare it to the cost of a stand at a trade show or even a 1 page advert in a printed magazine), this is a remarkably cost-efficient commercial investment.

Practically, how do I set it up?

Generating sales leads form your articles in the Electrical Portal is easy: Book it now on this page. All your articles will from then on generate valuable sales leads, that are recent, named, and from prospects who are really interested in your products or services.

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