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New stepper motor driver from Astrosyn offers three modes of control

The new MSST5-S stepper motor driver from Astrosyn International Technology is similar in price to traditional 5A step-and-direction microstepping drives, but offers three modes of control: step-and-direction; internal oscillator speed control; and full-blown PC or PLC software control. Software control allows it to be set up for running pre-coded routines repeatably, but it can also be useful to use this PC control to carry out on-line optim... [more]

Ellis Patents develops extruded aluminium saddle cleats to restrain high voltage cables

Ellis Patents has developed a range of extruded aluminium saddle cleats designed specifically to restrain high voltage cables up to 400kV with a diameter range of 100 to 160mm. The Centaur range of heavy-duty extruded aluminium saddle cleats was designed specifically to fill a gap in the market that managing director, Richard Shaw, felt presented serious safety risks. “At present there are no International Standards that take into account ... [more]

Many data centres are not built to make truly green computing practical

There’s a lot of attention given to ‘greening’ the data centre: not surprisingly, given the global pressures on the world’s multinational companies. With a recent Environmental Protection Agency report in the US revealing that data centres were already taking 1.5 per cent of the nation’s power, and with that figure expected to double by 2011, there’s plenty of scope for companies who want to advertise their green credentials though more efficient... [more]

New universal gearmotor operates on 115V AC, 60 or 50 Hz, or 115V DC

Bison Gear & Engineering Corp has introduced a new VWDIR03 right angle fractional horsepower gearmotors designed as Von Weise Drop-In Replacements to meet the needs of a wide variety of established OEMs. The Bison VWDIR03 is available in 13 standard models, with output speeds from 4.5 to 100 RPM and torques from 27 to 250 in-lbs. With applications ranging from exercise equipment to conveyors, the VWDIR03 gearmotors are driven by a versatile u... [more]

New Fluke point-and-shoot professional-grade laser distance meters

Fluke has introduced two new pocket-size professional-grade laser distance measuring tools that are fast and easy to use. While offering the most advanced measuring technology with buttons positioned for one-handed measurements, addition, subtraction, area, volume and other calculations can all be simply computed on the large displays. The new compact Fluke 416D Laser Distance Meter, like the Fluke 411D, is designed for indoor and limited outd... [more]

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