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Draka Firetufplus cable chosen for synchrotron

Draka’s Firetufplus enhanced circuit-integrity cable has been chosen for one of Europe’s most impressive high-technology research centres, the new £60 million Diamond Light Source scientific facility currently being built in South Oxfordshire on the Harwell Chilton science campus. A giant machine, called a synchrotron and described as “super microscopes”, is housed in the futuristic doughnut shaped building that covers an area equivalent to fiv... [more]

Nexans acquires The Valley Group manufacturers of real-time overhead transmission line monitoring systems

TVG, based in Connecticut, USA, has annual revenues of around 2 million USD. It was founded in 1991 to develop real-time rating equipment, software and services. The company’s key high added-value product is the CAT-1 Transmission Line Monitoring System that provides real-time monitoring of the load on overhead power lines by measuring conductor tension and local weather parameters and feeding the information back to the network operator’s SCADA ... [more]

Nexans wins contract to supply fibre optic and copper network cabling for South Korea's Incheon International Airport

Scheduled passenger traffic of airlines is currently growing at about 5% a year, with the Asia Pacific region continuing to lead the world (14% domestically). This has an impact on passenger aircraft ground infrastructure on all continents. Currently, there are nearly 300 projects to build or refurbish airports worldwide, including 40 major hubs. Moreover, airports increasingly need enhanced equipment, systems and networks. Nexans has been aw... [more]

Nexans to supply medium-voltage power cables to Salt River Project

Nexans has been awarded a three-year frame agreement contract worth approximately 65 million Euro to supply medium-voltage power cables to Salt River Project (SRP), the third largest public power utility in the US. The cables will be used to distribute electricity to homes in the SRP service territory which includes over 900,000 customers in the greater metropolitan Phoenix area, Scottsdale, Tempe and outlying rural areas of central Arizona. ... [more]

Kopex conduit systems provide protection and immunity from electromagnetic interference

EMI or Electromagnetic Interface manifests itself in many ways and can be conducted by radiation or through mains cable and earthing connections. The impact of this can be critical to the performance of vital equipment that may be used in many different market sectors, from hospitals and nuclear plants through to military installations or establishments and many other demanding environments. To provide protection and immunity from electromagn... [more]

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