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Herrco Cosmetics turns to shentongroup to face its peak electrical loads

Following the increase of production time from 12 to 24-hours a day at its factory in Halesworth, Suffolk, Herrco Cosmetics, confronted with a potential bill in excess of £50,000 for an onsite substation, turned to shentongroup, a specialist supplier of power generation and energy systems, to provide it with a bespoke generator to automatically manage its electrical peak loading. shentongroup supplied Herrco Cosmetics with a 138kVA generator a... [more]

Behavior-based model enables power electronic design engineers to quantify benefits of silicon carbide MOSFETs in board-level circuit simulation

Cree, Inc. has expanded its design-in support for the industry’s first commercially-available SiC MOSFET power devices with a fully-qualified SPICE model. Using the new SPICE model, circuit designers can easily evaluate the benefits Cree’s SiC Z-FET™ MOSFETs provide for achieving a higher level of efficiency than is possible with conventional silicon power switching devices for comparably-rated devices. SiC MOSFETs have significantly differ... [more]

Vigilant invests in X-ray to enhance its High Integrity Component Sourcing Service

Vigilant Components has invested further in its component test and verification facility with new state-of-the art component X-ray test equipment. As a new independent electronic component distributor, Vigilant has been established by experienced component specialists and is committed to providing high integrity component sourcing, verification and counterfeit detection services to its customers. Thanks to its specialised X-ray capabilities, t... [more]

Conditioner Converts Pulse Rate Signals into 4-20mA

Designed for converting outputs from pulse generating transducers, the C16-10 Frequency to Analogue Converter is proving to be a popular choice for water utilities where the outputs of flowmeters and water meters are converted into a 4-20mA signal for telemetry purposes. The C16-10 is suitable for many applications where an analogue signal proportional to frequency or pulse rate is required, for example interfacing PLCs and other control and m... [more]

The new Consumer Energy Display Industry Group will help consumer understand energy usage

Energy displays have proven highly successful in helping consumers to reduce electricity consumption. The recently published Empower Demand report from VaasaETT, Global Energy Think Tank compared the results of trials around the world and found average annual electricity savings of 8.68% for customers supplied with IHD’s. BEAMA, British Electrotechnical and Allied Manufacturers Association, launched the Consumer Energy Display Industry Group... [more]

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