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Vacon AFE AC variable speed drives recover up to 90 percent of the energy consumed by Broadbent's centrifugals

Thomas Broadbent & Sons is a leading developer and supplier of solid-liquid separation equipment. Its centrifugals are designed for processing massecuite, a mixture of sugar crystals and molasses, which is produced by the crystallisation phase of sugar refining. The batch centrifugals produced by Broadbent work with loads of between 1.5 and 2 tonnes, and can process up to 25 loads per hour. The centrifugals are driven by AC motors rated betwee... [more]

Festo's electric bi-parting drive secures simultaneous movement of two carriages in opposite directions on the same linear axis

Festo'snew ELGG bi-parting drive has a pair of bearing guides supporting two identical carriages, driven by a toothed belt attached to the top of one carriage and the bottom of the other. This arrangement causes the carriages to move simultaneously, either away from or towards the centre line of the axis. Typical applications include centring items on a conveyor system, opening and closing safety doors on processing machines, and large-format gri... [more]

Vacon AC variable speed drives control the pumps and compressors in wastewater treatment plant in Finland

A new wastewater treatment plant at Kakolanmäki in Turku, Finland, which cost more than €125 million to build, is jointly owned by ten municipalities and treats the wastewater from 280,000 people. The plant removes more than 70% of the nitrogen from the water, thereby significantly reducing the eutrophication (adverse accumulation of excess nutrients) in the Baltic Sea, to which the water is ultimately discharged. The plant also removes in excess... [more]

Wieland Electric's wipos P1 power supply series now available in 12V, 24V and 48V DC supply voltages

Wieland Electric's wipos P1 range is compact, reliable and robust, incorporating essential features for drive technology applications. Wieland Electric has announced it has added 12V and 48V DC supply voltages to the existing 24V in its wipos P1 power supply series. The 12V version is now available for 5A and 10A, the 24V option for 1.25A, 2.5A, 3.8A, 5A, 10A and 20A, whilst the 48V caters for 5A. The switching power supplies for DIN rail moun... [more]

Exsel Pumps selects Ralspeed variable speed drive systems to control pumps at the Port of Liverpool

Currently, £10 million is being invested in upgrading lock gate facilities at the Port of Liverpool, one of the largest and busiest container ports in Europe. It would be too costly and disruptive to take the lock out of service for the whole duration of the project, which will take around three years. The decision was therefore taken to refurbish the caissons one at a time, which would allow the lock to continue to function while the work was be... [more]

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