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Comprehensive hinging with whitepaper from Elesa

Market leaders Elesa are delighted to have increased their range of plastic, metal and stainless steel hinges with many standard variants, including specialist types. The Elesa range now includes: The CF series – with the CF itself offering tamper-proof and double pivot hinges, as well as the CFH type in especially common sizes, and the ½ size CFG. Opening angles of 0-90°, 0-270° and 0-335° are provided in a piano hinge style but in larger siz... [more]

New IP67 Safety Switch from ELESA

The new Elesa CFSW IP67 180° hinge has its own built-in multiple safety switch, so that in the event of accidental opening of a control cabinet door, machine panel or safety door, it automatically shuts off the power so protecting the operators of machinery and production equipment. The CFSW is paired with its equivalent mechanical hinge, the CFMW so creating a tough, safe installation. The CFSW is double insulated and approved AC15 (IEC 60947... [more]

Elesa GN612.8 cam action indexing plungers – positioning at the flick of a finger

Standard element market leaders Elesa are pleased to announce their new GN612.8 range of cam action indexing plungers which are considered ideal for location of equipment on machine tools, work jigs and other situations where the locking pin must not protrude all the time. By simply rotating the lock lever through 180 degrees the locking pin may be withdrawn – conversely a flick of a finger will displace the lever from its locating notch so relea... [more]

IRISS Infrared Window's don't have to be round

IRISS Introduces Square Infrared Windows IRISS, Ltd., the manufacturer of the world’s only industrial-grade infrared windows capable of pass-ing durability and impact requirements; the first ultrasound ports; emissivity standardization “land marking” tags; and the world’s only transmissive PDU panels has expanded its product line of Cus-tom Application Products (CAP) to include the world’s first Square Infrared Window. “Who says Infrared ... [more]

Wieland Electric's new SNS 4074K safely switches off any dangerous movement when the limit frequency set on the safety module is exceeded

Designed to protect machine operators from dangerous movement, standstill monitors are predominantly used in the control of tumblers in electric locking facilities. Access to dangerous machine parts is only possible when the machine movement no longer poses a threat to the operator. Wieland Electric's new SNS 4074K monitors the pulse frequency of sensors, such as inductive and magneto-resistive proximity switches and incremental encoders, saf... [more]

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