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Festo's new CAFC protective valve terminal hood provides a cost-effective alternative to cumbersome control cabinets

Most automation designers currently elect to house the systemís valve terminal and constituent control modules in some form of protective cabinet. However, conventional cabinets often take up far more space than is actually required by their functional content. By creating a small, self-contained protective hood for its valve terminals, Festo has overcome this problem. Festo has dramatically reduced the cost of installing its valve terminals ... [more]

Technical data and ePLAN P8 macros for PULS UK's Dimension and MiniLine ranges now available on the ePLAN Data Portal

The ePLAN P8 software, developed by the Friedhelm Loh Group offers unlimited options for project planning, documentation and administration of automation projects. With around 60% of the market ePlan is the leading player in this sector. Technical data and ePLAN P8 macros for PULS UK's Dimension and MiniLine ranges are now available on the ePLAN Data Portal. The portal provides access to high-end CAE/CAD software used by designers in the field... [more]

PULS UK's non-isolated step down DC DC converter converts input voltages to pre-settable output voltages

At present, linear regulators are commonly used to reduce DC supply voltages, but these operate by bleeding off excess power as heat and therefore waste a considerable amount of energy. The technology used in the PULS YD25.241 delivers much greater levels of efficiency and also dramatically reduces the heat generated within the host device. PULS UK's YD 25.241 is a non-isolated step down DC/DC converter that has the ability to convert input vo... [more]

Panel builders market likely to exhibit stronger growth in the second half of 2011

Based on quantitative sales information from the industry, a new market research survey on the UK panel builders market from MTW Research indicates that demand patterns and market trends are shifting in 2011, prompting greater optimism in the market. The 1st edition, 200 page research report suggests that the panel builders market is likely to exhibit stronger growth in the second half of 2011, stimulated by a range of key strengths and oppo... [more]

Flexible pricing for RS Components' Machine Builder and Process Development customer

RS Components has created a Flexible Pricing Team with specially trained sales professionals, to enable customers to enjoy substantial savings through negotiated discounts. RS now offers its Machine Builder & Process Development customers flexible pricing with market-level discounts for Control and Switchgear products, to encourage regular and volume purchasing of these and complementary products. RS has created a team of Internal Account Man... [more]

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