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Part M has several recommendations for the construction of new or alterations and extensions to non-domestic buildings. MK explains what can be done in relation to electrical accessories around the building.

Large push pads - Large Push Pads are easier to operate and locate, and should be available in public areas. The Disabled Living Foundation states a wide large push pad is one that can be operated by use of a fist or even an elbow. MK provides wide rocker switches in its Logic Plus and a number of its decorative ranges that can be operated in this way.

Outboard rockers - Switches on multiple socket outlets should be separated to avoid inadvertent selection of an adjacent control by visually impaired people and people with limited dexterity. MK offers a range of sockets with outboard rockers to provide this wide separation.

Neon indicators - Switch socket outlets should indicate when they are on. All standard MK sockets have a red flash as means of indication. MK sockets with neon indicators illuminate when turned on providing a positive indication.

Contrast - “Controls that contrast visually with their surroundings are more convenient for visually impaired people”. Part M states that switches outlets and controls will satisfy the regulation if there is a contrast of 30% Light Reflective Value (LRV) between a frontplate and wall. White has an LRV of 100, and black 0. MK has developed switches and sockets with graphite frontplates for contrast to walls with an LRV of 70 or more i.e. white / cream. MK’s Prestige Plus Compact and Power Link Plus are available in Charcoal to provide contrast with white accessories. Grid Systems - Individual switches on panels should be well separated or in the form of large touch pads. MK grid switches are able to be operated by a fist or elbow and 3 & 6 gang Grid Plus from plates provide wide separation.

Presence detection - Passive Infra Red detectors that detect movement and turn lights on and off according to occupancy, reducing the need for switches. MK Link offers a PIR presence detector.

Pull cords - Part M recommends pull cords for emergency alarm systems to be coloured in red and that all pull cords should be fitted with bangles to aid grip. MK emergency pull cords are coloured red. MK is currently developing bangles for all its pull cords.

Installation height - Switches and socket outlets for lighting and other equipment should be located so that they are easily reachable. MK’s dado trunking enables installation at the specified height.

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