The integration of smart technologies in the home is now an affordable reality The integration of smart technologies in the home is now an affordable reality - news feed from the Electrical News Portal

The demand for intelligent home technology in the UK is likely to follow its European counterparts. Approximately 45% of new homes in Europe have some form of smart home technology as standard. Homeowner desires for gadgets and technology are greater than ever.

People want easy to use solution, not complicated high tech equipment to control lighting, home cinema, air conditioning, security, irrigation, blinds and curtains all with the touch of one button.

Clipsal and Square D, brands of Schneider Electric, are offering a range of smart home technology solutions. Imagine a ‘welcome home’ button on a remote control that turns on lights on the pathway, porch and hallway as you pull into your driveway. The air-conditioner begins to warm or cool the house and your favourite music starts playing throughout.

That’s just the beginning: A ‘goodnight’ button turns everything off at bedtime, and a ‘watch DVD’ button activates the home cinema, closes the curtains and dims all the lights during the film. The coffee machine can be turned on from the bedroom by remote control. Outdoor watering and lighting can also be controlled so spas or pool pumps, sprinklers and outside lighting can be remotely turned on.

Stylish light switches can further add a touch of luxury. From classical to minimalist, there is a look to compliment any design. The light touch buttons have a blue or amber backlight that gives a gentle glow and makes them easily found in the dark. The ultra slim switches have delicate and graceful contours adding a modern sleek feel to the home.

This chic new look can all be delivered with the reassurance of enhanced security and safety, with presence simulation controlling lights or automatic curtains to make an empty home look occupied at any time. If someone does gain entry, alarms will sound and lights will flash to intimidate the intruder.

Then the homeowner can be alerted by telephone automatically that the alarm has been triggered. The sophisticated detection system enables gas and water supplies to be shut off automatically if a sensor detects a leak. If the smoke alarm is triggered, lights will instantly come on to illuminate the route to safety.

The integration of smart technologies in the home is now an affordable reality, and is delivering real added value.

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