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Nowadays, people more and more care about health and always look for a variety of ways to do that. However, few of them know how important home furnishing LED lighting is to eye and skin health. Healthy home decoration is related to LED lighting, furniture layout, room and wall design.

Part A: Choose appropriate lamps and lanterns for avoiding of light hurt
To eyesight protection, lighting-fixture is most important. Generally, home lamps include LED down light, LED panel light, ceiling lamp, etc. Because of great difference in light brightness and color, so itís necessary to choose appropriate LED light for eyes health.

1.Avoid light flickering-
Flickering of light source has two states: one we can see and another one we canít feel. Both of them extremely influence on eyesight. Therefore itís important to choose high quality LED lights with stable light source, which can bring eyesight and mood safety feeling.

2.Reasonably distribute light source-
When people get in bedroom or drawing room with strong light, they need some time to slowly adapt it for avoiding hurt of eyes. If the distribution of light source isnít average and appropriate, because of influence of strong and weak light, eyes will get fatigue damage when people walk across in the different light condition.

3.Reduce the strong light source-
As we all know, strong light is very bright. But it has much damage to eyes and even body skin. Also, if people often stay in the room with strong light, they will more easily get tired and their eyes will be extremely hurt.

4.Reduce lamps on bedside-
For integrally indoor beauty and conveniently using, some people place spotlights on bedside. However, itís not right. Because it has much influence on eyesight if eyes suddenly touch the partial strong light source in dark environment.

Part B: Room wall design plan
Wall is one of parts which most reflect light ray. When decorating room, people should consider the wall design.

1.Reduce use of wall color-
Simple solid color wall more protects eyesight than bright-colored wall. Coz it can avoid the dazzling sense from indoor light ray and also reduce the possibility of distraction. Meanwhile, the color of wall canít be too white. Because smooth and pure white wall has the same luminous reflectivity.

2.Appropriately keep wall rough-
Many people think that the more smooth the wall is, the better it is. However, itís wrong. Actually, appropriate wall grains and crinkles can increase the diffuse reflection of light and sound, and effectively reduce indoor noise and light ray pollution. Itís better to protect eyesight.

3.Use natural decoration materials-
Different wall decoration materials have different influences on eyesight. Traditional ceramic tile and wall paint have strong luminous reflectivity that isnít healthy to eyes. Now people more like wallpaper because it has stronger capacity of diffuse reflection. And natural diatom ooze materials have deeper grains and it can also take pollutant away when protecting eyesight.

All in all, we need to be careful and cautious to choose LED lamps and lanterns and design room. Shenzhen Spark Optoelectronics cares for your eyes health and provides a variety of high quality indoor and outdoor LED lights.
For our eyes health, itís very necessary and important to take the advices.

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