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IRISS polymer infrared window technology has many merits. The patented material the company uses is shatter and vibration proof and doesnít degrade over time, even in the presence of high UV. As well as these performance attributes, it also offers unique design potential.

Windows can be any size or shape to suit the application and they can even be curved and itís these combined benefits that have allowed IRISS to develop its latest and unique electrical maintenance safety device (EMSD), the new IRISS FlexIR for isophase bus.

An isophase service bus (ISB) is a critical but generally reliable high-energy system, typically found in power plants. But, as with all electrical systems, its components are just as liable to deterioration and failure over time. In fact, the dependability of such systems often results in irregular inspection, especially as traditional Ďopen accessí inspection is time-consuming and costly.

This is a very risky strategy as ISBs inevitably provide power to essential generators and transformers and their failure can have serious and expensive consequences.

Thanks to IRISS research and development, however, there is now a new highly cost-effective means of detecting potential isophase bus problems in their infancy. By installing a FlexIR EMSD opposite a bus joint, the health of the system can be assessed instantly while it is under full load, without compromising the safety of maintenance personnel.

The IRISS FlexIR system for isophase bus is a large format infrared and visual inspection window that is specifically designed for the power generation and large power user market.

As well as allowing the thermal inspection of the live system in a safe and guarded condition, FlexIR can be easily removed to give the engineer physical access to any fault thatís discovered. And once the window is re-fitted, the isophase system can then be re-energised and the effectiveness of the repair verified.

This latest IRISS introduction is part of the Custom Application Product (CAP) range that allows the window solution to be precisely tailored to the need of the application. As its name suggests, FlexIR includes a flexible, curved window that allows the window to effectively wrap around the inspection joint, giving exceptional field of view for any brand of thermal imaging camera.

The customisation options also include the onboard measurement of delta, the difference between ambient and the internal temperature, to enhance fault detection. The system can also trigger a remote alarm when the temperatures exceed a pre-determined level or when one joint is running hot by comparison with others.

In common with all IRISS windows, FlexIR conforms to more safety and performance standards than any other product of this type on the market. It also carries the IRISS lifetime warranty.

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