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Jokab Safety has released a new member to the Pluto family of products. Pluto ASi is a new safety programmable control unit which has a combination of three functions.

Pluto ASi can be configured to be Master/Monitor, Monitor/Slave. In Master/Monitor mode the Pluto controls the ASi bus and reads the I/O in the slave units. All the I/O can be used in the Pluto Manager program. In Monitor mode the Pluto listens to the bus and an external Master controls the safety inputs and outputs in an external PLC. When set for Monitor/Slave the unit is the same as a Monitor with the Pluto acting as a slave to the ASi Master.

At the same time Pluto Asi can connect to other Pluto PLC units via the Safebus and therefore other AS-i networks can be incorporated into the program. This also allows safety devices that are not on the ASi bus to be included in to the safety system.

Features of the Pluto ASi include four failsafe inputs, four configurable digital I/O or analogue outputs and four failsafe outputs. Like all members of the Pluto family, Pluto Asi includes two dynamic pulses which can be used in the safety system. This allows the user to have a wide range of opportunities when selecting safety devices in the field.

For many years, Jokab Safety have been producing interfaces and dedicated products that can work with the dynamic pulse in order to allow the user to meet Category 4/SIL 3 when connecting devices in series. Gateways, HMIs and encoders can be connected to the Pluto on the Safebus.

The latest Pluto Manager software can be downloaded from Jokab’s website. The software includes all manuals and 27 safety function blocks which cover all applications when using devices for Emergency Stop, Two hand control, foot switches, light curtains, safety switches, mats and bumpers.

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