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Gelseal: Non toxic gel-system Gelseal upgrades standard enclosures to beyond IP68

ISP have launched a re-enterable non toxic gel-system Gelseal, which has the ability to transform standard electrical enclosures up to and beyond IP68 rating. Supplied in a safe and easy to use self contained bag rather than having to pour from one bottle to the other. Non toxic and environmentally friendly Gelseal pours easily, and has a high level of adhesion and dialectric properties. Gelseal upgrades standard enclosures to beyond IP68 while offering re-enterabilty and protection again... [more]

GenieEvo: Schneider Electric medium voltage distribution equipment selected for the Pearl in Qatar

The Pearl, Qatar, is multi-billion dollar man made island covering 400 hectares of reclaimed land just off the coast of the State of Qatar. It is designed to provide the highest quality living accommodation and a secure environment for up to 40,000 residents in 11,000 luxury villas, town houses, penthouses and apartments spread throughout ten distinctive themed districts. The development, which is the first of its kind in Qatar, will also include five-star hotels, marinas and schools, as wel... [more]

Guide to Emergency Lighting: New IET Guide to Emergency Lighting provides guidance on electrical installations in buildings

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) has published a new book designed to assist electricians. The Electrician's Guide to Emergency Lighting is one of a number of publications prepared by the IET to provide guidance on electrical installations in buildings. This new book is concerned with emergency lighting and in particular emergency escape lighting. The book is expected to be read in conjunction with the legislation: Approved Document B and the British Standards, in partic... [more]

GreenSwitch: GreenSwitch controls household energy to save time and money

The soaring costs of energy affect each and every one of us. We feel its impact on our wallets and know of its toll on the environment. We want to save money and conserve energy, but can’t get immersed in complicated solutions. GreenSwitch has a smart, simple, and affordable answer that puts energy savings literally at your fingertips. Our homes quietly drain electricity that we pay for but don’t actually get to use. There are those lights in the basement that we always forget to turn off, o... [more]

Genie Pro: Genie Pro distributes satellite and terrestrial communal TV signals to small and medium sized installations

Vision-Products has announce the launch of their system in a box for integrated reception systems (IRS). Genie Pro provides effective and reliable distribution of satellite and terrestrial communal TV signals to small and medium sized installations, such as large private homes, guest houses, and small hotels. The Vision-Products Genie Pro IRS multiswitch provides satellite, terrestrial TV, DAB and FM radio single-cable distribution from centralised antennas to up to 24 independent outlets, wi... [more]

GE Reveal halogen: Lighting renovation for bathrooms and kitchens increases the value of your home

A good way to increase the value of your home is to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom. And while full upgrades might be costly, a “lighting renovation” might just be the quickest way to give your kitchen or bathroom a little kick. “Many people pick fall as a time for home-improvement projects, and as life gets busier and busier, quick – but effective – solutions are often the best choice,” said Kathy Presciano, GE Lighting Specialist. “One way for a quick upgrade is to use lighting to enhance ... [more]

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