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While machine safety has gained a wide recognition in the industrial automation world, it is commonly acknowledged that the safety language is still a reserved domain of the specialist.

Unfortunately, users are either confused by product suppliers due to the tendency to sell more complexity than to genuinely advise, or are simply overwhelmed by abstract regulations when they turn to notified safety specialists.

Recognising that, Omron created an easy safety guide having the “AN SEN MAN” character as mascot. “AN SEN MAN” – your guide through safety regulations and applications “AN SEN” is the Japanese expression for safety. It is a guide dedicated to gain transparency for non-specialists. It addresses safety issues related to users as well as machine operators. It gives you advice when designing a new machine or renovating an old one and provides you with valuable background on safety standards and regulation.

AN SEN MAN also covers international regulations like OSHA and standards from the US while giving hints and advice when exporting outside the EU.

AN SEN MAN comes in a 12-language CD and is freely available from Omron.

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