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KAC: Class 9000 actuation devices feature a wide variety of different operating mechanisms

KAC offers the Class 9000 family of actuation devices that feature a wide variety of different operating mechanisms. The Class 9000 units have numerous applications across the fire, security, machine operation and other industries where manual control of specific operations is required. The various options within the family enable operation with or without security restrictions. The keyswitch units are available as two and three position devices and provide protection against unauthorised o... [more]

Kenda Electronic Systems: Kenda Electronic Systems establishes a dedicated Energy Metering Division

Kenda Electronic Systems has established a dedicated Energy Metering Division to enable the company to provide a more focused service for its expanding customer base within the electricity-supply industry. The new division will concentrate on the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance of Kendaís metering products, which include complete metering cubicles as well as a range of operational metering summators and metering data outstations. The Energy Metering Divisi... [more]

Kailaz Software: Contractors can monitor the whereabouts of remote workers using a standard mobile phone

Monitoring time and attendance can be a real challenge for firms with remote a remote workforce. Many contractors simply use paper-based written timesheets to track time and attendance but these are unreliable, laborious to produce and are often ridden with errors. Auto Time Solutions has joined forces with Kailaz Software to enhance off-site employee time tracking by seamlessly integrating Kailazís MobiBiz mobile management solution with Auto Timeís Premium software. The new workforce manage... [more]

Kraftwerke Linth-Limmern KLL: ABB wins $31 million contract to supply turnkey substations for a hydro storage power plant in Switzerland

ABB has won an order worth $31 million from Kraftwerke Linth-Limmern AG (KLL) to supply two turnkey substations and auxiliary power equipment for a hydro storage power plant facility at the Tierfehd hydro power plant in Switzerland. Booked in the second quarter of 2008, the order is part of KLLís refurbishment and expansion plans for its installations at Tierfehd, which are due to be completed in 2011. ABB will supply and install two gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) substations, rated at 220 ki... [more]

Kuhlman Electric: ABB to acquire U.S. transformer company Kuhlman Electric Corporation

ABB has signed an agreement to acquire U.S. transformer company Kuhlman Electric Corporation for an undisclosed amount from global private equity firm The Carlyle Group to expand its power products portfolio in the Americas. Kuhlman Electric manufactures a wide range of high-quality transformers for the industrial and electric utility sectors. Kuhlman Electric has demonstrated a track record of profitable growth with double-digit annual sales growth over the past five years. In 2007, the comp... [more]

Klaxon Signals: Klaxon Signals industrial warning devices meet the needs of specialised applications in industrial environments

Klaxon Signals has developed a range of industrial warning devices to meet the needs of specialised applications in all industrial environments. The range varies from traditional robust motor driven sirens to the more sophisticated electronic sirens and serves to notify personnel of any changes in the immediate environment such as potential hazards. Klaxonís motor driven siren range is rugged in construction with a high sound output to overcome most levels background noise such as that genera... [more]

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