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Electrical maintenance safety devices (EMSD): CTS help clients cut costs and keep safe with IRISS infrared inspection windows

CTS – Combined Technical Solutions – carries out all aspects of work related to built environments including both reactive and planned preventative maintenance. Based in London, the company provides an excellent example of how the inclusion of thermal imaging windows reduces inspection costs and makes maintenance smarter, without increasing health and safety risks. ‘Caution, keep this door closed’ is a sign most maintenance engineers will encounter on electrical switchgear cabinets. This wa... [more]

Electrical maintenance safety devices: IRISS REPORTS ON THE SMART WAY TO MANAGE RISK

Maximising profit is important to any business but so too is the avoidance of loss. A production process may be optimally designed but, if it is frequently interrupted by the failure of electrical systems that power and control it, the result can be catastrophic. Total operation costs increase, personnel safety is compromised and fire risk escalates. Indeed, it is estimated that around 35% of all industrial fires are caused by electrical faults. This is why manufacturers are increasingly us... [more]


A thermal imaging camera only reads the electromagnetic radiation it receives in a specific range of wavelengths. To display this reading the camera makes several calculations to convert data into actual temperature and one that is vitally important is emissivity. This is efficiency with which an object emits infrared radiation at a given temperature by comparison with a black body at the same temperature and with the same surroundings. Values range from 1.0 for lampblack down to 0.02 for po... [more]

Electrical maintenance safety devices: IRISS news : Dispelling the myth of arc-resistant infrared windows

There exists a dangerous misconception regarding the ‘arc rating’ of infrared (IR) windows or viewing panes used for the thermal inspection of electrical systems. Many reliability and maintenance professionals are under the impression that an IR window will protect them in the event of an arc blast. Others believe the installation of IR windows will convert ‘non-arc-rated’ switchgear or electrical equipment into ‘arc-rated’ cabinets. Neither is the case and both misconceptions need to be co... [more]

electrical maintenance safety devices: NEW EMEA HQ FOR IRISS

IRISS Limited, the UK arm of the global leader in electrical maintenance safety devices and the manufacturer of the world’s first and only industrial grade IR inspection windows, has moved to new offices in Essex. With immediate effect, the company’s address is: 4 Gowers Farm, Tumblers Green, Braintree, Essex, CM77 8AZ Tel: +44(0)1245 399713 Email: The new office suite will act as the administrative hub for the IRISS operation in Europe, Middle East, Africa, India, A... [more]

E Sentry Connect-IR Asset Tag: IRISS introduce new, smart ‘boiler plate’ system for equipment maintenance

IRISS, the specialist in electrical maintenance safety devices, has introduced an asset tagging system with a difference. In essence, the E Sentry Connect-IR Asset Tag is a smart boiler plate system that works with any make or model of infrared window. While the majority of similar products operate using RFID technology, this new IRISS system works in tandem with a smart phone using near field communication (NFC). It’s low cost and very easy to use, providing instant electronic access to i... [more]

electrical maintenance safety devices: Infrared and ultrasound inspections from IRISS

IRISS product development has always been driven by a multi-technology approach to energised electrical inspection. The company has developed and now supplies a range of Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices that allow infrared, ultraviolet, ultrasound and visual inspection of live systems. Collectively, they not only keep the workplace safe but also improve profitability through greater plant reliability. In the UK, IRISS has also adopted the same multi-technology approach in its service b... [more]

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