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BIN Acquires Koldwater Electrical Controls Training Software Company

St. Louis, MO--St. Louis based Business Industrial Network announced today that it has acquired Koldwater Software Co. Koldwater has been a long-time provider of training software for the electrical controls industry, achieving high rates of customer satisfaction. The addition of Koldwater to its automation training software lineup expands BINs already impressive industrial training portfolio and will help to monumentally grow the reach of BIN ... [more]

Conditioner Converts Pulse Rate Signals into 4-20mA

Designed for converting outputs from pulse generating transducers, the C16-10 Frequency to Analogue Converter is proving to be a popular choice for water utilities where the outputs of flowmeters and water meters are converted into a 4-20mA signal for telemetry purposes. The C16-10 is suitable for many applications where an analogue signal proportional to frequency or pulse rate is required, for example interfacing PLCs and other control and m... [more]

The new Wieland high density electrical connectors offer a robust connection density to the circuit board

Wieland Electric Inc. has, introduced its new pluggable printed circuit board (PCB) terminals for building automation and automation technology. Wielandís 3.5 millimeter pitch high density PCB connector provides an extremely high density design while still maintaining a pitch that is easy to work with. The angled PCB headers are particularly designed for contacting automation technology control devices or controllers. The newly designed PCB h... [more]

PULS' PISA connects PLCs to one 24V power supply and protect up to four other associated circuits

PULS' PISA, their newly developed protection module, gives users the ability to connect PLCs or other critical equipment directly to one 24V power supply and at the same time protect up to four other associated circuits. In the event of one or more of these circuits becoming overloaded the PISA module interrupts the current to prevent the output voltage to the PLC being adversely affected. Each output channel is fitted with an internal fuse c... [more]

Schneider Electric supplies all of the automation and control equipment to new waste facility in Luton

A new waste facility, designed and installed by OKLM Recycling Technology for Cawleys, represents a multi-million pound project to create a sorting facility for commercial and industrial waste - the first in the country to feature automated separation of paper from this type of waste. Operating as a sub-contractor to OKLM, DB Controls was responsible for all of the system integration. Commissioned to supply automation, motor control and SCADA... [more]

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