Exceptional Quality Award from Rockwell Automation honoured for TE Connectivity Exceptional Quality Award from Rockwell Automation honoured for TE Connectivity  - news feed from the Electrical News Portal

TE Connectivity recently confirmed that Rockwell Automation (RA), has honoured TE with Rockwell’s 2012 Quality Award for Factored Products, which recognises a supplier for quality performance measured by standards such as parts per million (PPM) defective, on time delivery and weighted average lead time (WALT).

TE delivered exceptional customer service to Rockwell Automation by forming the RA Customer Focus Team (CFT) and appointing Bruce McClure as Global Account Manager. “The team provided a single point of contact to efficiently coordinate global activity between 12 Rockwell facilities and 10 TE manufacturing sites. We worked efficiently as a cohesive global team in order to meet and exceed Rockwell’s expectations,” said McClure. “To give a sense of the TE team’s accomplishments, our PPM quality metric in 2012 is 118 and that’s in the context of a 409 PPM average for Rockwell’s other suppliers.”

Chief among Rockwell’s award citation was that the TE CFT team was able to deliver across the board by implementing the Eight Disciplines (8-d) model of problem solving and focusing on engineering change management, sub supplier and tooling control, process auditing and logistics performance. Additionally, the award cites the spirit of collaboration and partnership that the CFT has created, noting for example TE’s “Customer Academy” programme that involves inviting Rockwell personnel into TE plants to talk about Rockwell products and the critical role that TE parts play in those products, creating a sense of personal ownership amongst TE employees for meeting Rockwell’s requirements.

“We are delighted to be honoured with this award and to be recognised as providing outstanding customer service to a key customer”, said Guus Boekhoudt, Vice President and General Manager of TE’s Industrial Business. “Through the efforts of the CFT and hundreds of TE people across the world, Rockwell knows how important they are to us.”

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