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Driving Noribachi’s success is the company’s innovative modular approach to engineering LED solutions. Noribachi has revolutionized the purchase of LED lighting, implementing a customized ordering system that allows clients to design optimum lighting for any application. Noribachi’s dedicated team of engineers are centrally involved with every order to assist customers with understanding the breadth of illumination control available.

Over the course of the past year Noribachi has also developed new LED lightboards that streamline the production of their largest LED light engines. Their new 140 LED lightboard has been specifically designed as a direct replacement for 400-1000W metal halide bulbs and is especially compatible with the company’s exclusive and popular HIGHBAY.M LED fixture.

Complementing the company’s expanded range of LED lightboards and contributing to their modular manufacturing approach is a diversified power supply portfolio coupled with additional in-house engineering developments. Constantly sourcing market leading power supplies has allowed Noribachi to maximize efficiency in their lights, while a new system implemented in the Noribachi manufacturing process ensures power supply redundancy for back-up illumination.

The company’s developments in thermally managing the characteristics of over twelve unique power supplies in combination with hundreds of LED options have allowed Noribachi to contribute a substantial listing to the Design Lights Consortium’s Qualified Product List. With over five hundred lights in multiple drive currents that qualify for utility rebates across the nation, Noribachi is one of the DLC’s top five manufacturers.

Noribachi would like to thank their growing list of satisfied customers for their business and support. Noribachi has currently completed over one thousand installations for more than five hundred customers, including Fortune 500 companies, top government agencies, and market leading businesses.

Noribachi's continued success and emphasis on tailor-made products is helping the company re-shape the way consumers approach lighting. “We are encouraging people to be less complacent with their lighting options. In the past people have been hesitant to engage the options inherent in LED lighting because those options simply didn’t exist in older types of lights. Noribachi is helping customers to realize the incredible variability of illumination in general, and we are seeing clients get very excited about creating a lighting system that will do exactly what they want, when they want, and on top of that reduce their energy consumption,” says Esther Santos, VP of Sales at Noribachi.

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