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F87 series stepper motors Facilities Management sector FACTS Flexible AC transmission system FAKRA II SMB connectors fan Farnell element14 Fast Ethernet FBPI broadband optical fibre FDB 12 IP65 single phase earth leakage protection units FDB 17 electrical protection unit FDB 19 FDB Power Cubicle FDB11 and FDB13 electrical protection units FDB11 RCBO FDB15 FDB2 FDB2 4-way RCBO FDB27 range of Hangar Power Distribution Cubicles PDC FEMTON clamp spot light Fernotron home control system Festo CPX terminal FiberExpress Fibre optic cabling Fibre Optical Cable Underground Sewer FOCUS System Fire and Carbon Monoxide alarms fire and security testing Fire Detection and Alarm installation Seminar fire risk assessment Fire safety Fire Safety Order fire safety technology Fire Systems Industry FireBrake Electrical Conduit Fireguard downlight Fireguard Matrix Fireguard MLED Firehold downlights Firesafe TW950 cable FIRESAFE TW950e cables FIREscape Firetuf Firetuf Alarm cable Firetuf cable Firetuf Connecta Firetuf Easystrip Firetuf FT Sifer Firetuf FTP120 Firetuf OHLS Fire Performance cable Firetuf Powerplus Firetuf Powerplus 600/1000V SWA power cable Firetuf Powerplus cable Firetufplus Firetufplus enhanced circuit-integrity cable firewall FIT flat flex cable (FFC) Flexible AC transmission systems FACTS flexible vinyl compounds Flexitricity Frontline F-LINE low profile luminaire FLIR FLIR C2 FLIR camera FLIR E8 thermal imaging camera FLIR E-Series FLIR E-Series thermal imaging camera FLIR i3 thermal imaging camera FLIR P620 FLIR P640 thermal imaging camera FLIR P660 thermal imaging camera Floodlights Floor Shield Flos Fuscia Pendant FlowCath Fluke 115 Digital Multimeter DMM Fluke 1550C Fluke 1555 Fluke 1621 Earth Ground Tester Fluke 1625 Advanced Earth Ground Tester Fluke 1650 Series Multifunction Installation Tester Fluke 1653 and 1653B Installation Testers Fluke 1654B Fluke 1654B and 6500 Fluke 1654B and Fluke 6500 Fluke 233 Remote Display Multimeter Fluke 320 Fluke 373 374 375 381 Clamp Meters Fluke 810 Vibration Tester Fluke CNX 3000 Fluke DMS software Fluke laser distance meter Fluke T110 Fluke thermal imagers Forest luminaires Fozz Lighting FP Firefix clips FP Plus FP PLUS fire resistant cables FP100 fire resistant conduit wire cable FP200 Gold FP200 Gold cables FP200 Gold fire performance cable FP200 Gold fire performance cables FP200 Gold fire resistant cables FP400 FP400 armoured robust cable FP600 Fire Resistant cable FP600S FP600S cable FPS 3000 Troubleshooting Simulator framing systems and the cable management products FrankLED LED6 light engine FRD80 FREESAT free–to–air satellite kit and decoder Frequency to analogue converter Frost Light FT120 FTP120 FTTH Indoor Configurator FTTH optical cable Fuel cell generator fuel cell technology Fuse Finder Fused test leads Fusion IR illuminator FUSION low voltage Infra-Red and White-Light illuminator FX-360 FZL DL06 00 Series FZLED T8 Tube Light

Latest electrical product news

FDB11 RCBO: FDB11 RCBO from FDB Electrical offers rail industry standard DC protection

FDB Electrical are delighted to announce a new development of their RCBO technology approved for use in DC electrified areas (DC immune). The new FDB11 RCBO importantly incorporates loss of neutral indication and comes with overload and short circuit protection which are likely to be of interest to electrical contractors, design engineers and plant engineers working in and around rail industry installations where induced DC current may cause problems in adjacent AC lines. The FDB11 may also be u... [more]

FLIR C2: FLIR Systems launches C2 - a compact fully-featured professional thermal camera

Compact design and radiometric imagery for the fast troubleshooting and powerful reports that building professionals need FLIR Systems has launched the FLIR C2, the first fully-featured, pocket-sized thermal camera designed to help building professionals identify hidden heat patterns that clearly show where problems are, such as sources of energy waste, signs of structural defects, plumbing issues and more. Its compact and slim design enables the FLIR C2 to fit comfortably into any pocket... [more]

FiberExpress: Belden Adds Pre-Terminated Fiber Connectivity Products to Its Data Center Solutions Range

New FiberExpress Pre-Terminated LSNH Assemblies and Ultra High-Density Rack-Mount Fiber Connectivity Systems Facilitate Easier Installation, Faster Deployment, and Greater Flexibility Belden Inc., a global leader in signal transmission solutions for mission-critical applications, has extended its range of Data Center Solutions with a new line of Belden low-smoke, no-halogen (LSNH) pre-terminated fiber assemblies and an ultra high-density rack-mount fiber connectivity system. FiberExpress p... [more]

FLIR E8 thermal imaging camera: FLIR Systems is making a unique offer on the FLIR E8 thermal imaging camera

The patented multi-spectral imaging (MSX) capability of the FLIR E-Series has proved significant both to customers worldwide and to FLIR Systems’ pricing. This feature is standard on the entire FLIR E-Series of electro-mechanical troubleshooting cameras and it is now one of the main reasons why customers choose this brand. Indeed, MSX has resulted in huge demand for the FLIR E-Series in general and the FLIR E8 in particular and this, in turn, has enabled FLIR Systems to make this model... [more]

FLIR P640 thermal imaging camera: FLIR thermal imaging spots cockpit electrical faults

Today, even low cost, entry-level thermal imaging cameras are surprisingly smart. They are ideal for quick and easy troubleshooting but they are not best suited to every task. Where clear visual evidence of thermal difference is needed in mission or process critical application, a camera that has a thermal sensitivity of no less than 30mK is essential. Indeed a Dutch company specialising in electrical inspection provides a good illustration. It recently won a contract from the Danish cargo... [more]


Aluminium production is big business in India and FLIR thermal imaging is helping producers to reduce the cost of the process by assuring that plant and equipment is running optimally through predictive maintenance. The technology is used for inspecting all electro-mechanical plant and systems, furnace ducts, heating chambers and tanks and also for monitoring scale build-up in pipes and vessels. Any problems are then scheduled for repair during maintenance shutdowns. In this way faults are c... [more]

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