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CWIEME : Transformer oils go green

Vegetable-oil-based electrical fluids will increase transformer safety and minimize environmental impact, according to CWIEME Berlin seminar. Amid fears of petroleum shortages and increasing environmental pressures, natural esters – commonly known as vegetable oils – have emerged as a renewable, biodegradable alternative to traditional mineral-based transformer oil. “We have to accept that petroleum reserves are finite,” says Ernesto Ivan Diestre, senior technologist at Repsol, one of the wo... [more]

Coleherne: Coleherne brings lamination repair into focus at CWIEME Berlin 2015

Leading British lamination manufacturer Coleherne Ltd. (booth 4.1/E41) will use CWIEME Berlin to highlight its extensive remanufacturing and repair capabilities for electric motor customers. Coleherne, a company which prides itself in keeping up with the latest technology, has recently installed a brand new Zeiss coordinate measuring machine. This investment now enables Coleherne to produce identical replacement laminates from a damaged one. Technical sales engineer, Brian Kermode says: “W... [more]

CWIEME : Resin to the rescue in transformer safety

A seminar by Alstom Grid at this month’s CWIEME show in Berlin is set to reveal how resin-impregnated bushings equipped with composite insulators can significantly increase the safety of high voltage AC and DC transformer equipment. Recent developments in transformer equipment design have led not only to increased efficiency but also increased safety – a recurring theme at CWIEME Berlin, the world’s largest electrical manufacturing exhibition. Indeed, how to increase the safety of transformer... [more]

CWIEME Berlin: Rare earth magnets still optimum choice, says motor design expert

A forthcoming CWIEME Berlin workshop by Motorsolver president and IEEE life fellow Jim Hendershot will delve into the pros and cons of hybrid and electric vehicle motor designs, encompassing performance, manufacturing methods and cost. Amid concerns over the price, supply and hazardous extraction of rare earth metals used in permanent magnet motors, many members of the motor manufacturing community, especially those in the automotive sector, are carrying out extensive research into eliminatin... [more]

CWIEME Berlin: New paper insulation approaches present untapped opportunities for transformer efficiency

A seminar at the forthcoming CWIEME Berlin exhibition will reveal how cellulose paper and mineral oil insulating systems in distribution transformers can still meet today’s ever-tightening cost and efficiency restrictions – thanks to a few smart modifications. Proven and reliable, mineral oil-impregnated paper has been the insulation of choice in distribution transformers practically since their invention. Yet amid increasing pressures to lower costs, increase efficiency, and lessen environme... [more]

CWIEME Berlin: ‘Environmental’ motors now a worldwide issue, says global analyst

Concern for the environment has long been seen as a luxury of the West but a CWIEME Berlin seminar by global analyst Wilmer Zhou now points to a trend for high-efficiency ‘environmental’ motors in emerging economies too. Ever since the first energy efficiency regulation for electric motors powered by the grid was introduced by the US government in 2002, the impact of standardization on markets, product design and manufacturing methods has proved a hot topic of discussion. Indeed, this year’s ... [more]

CWIEME: Project MotorBrain presents world's first highly-integrated rare earth-free synchronous motor

Researchers from one of Europe’s largest e-mobility projects have successfully realized a fully-integrated electric vehicle drivetrain without the need for costly rare earths in the permanent magnet synchronous motor. A prototype will be presented to the international coil winding and electrical manufacturing community at this year’s CWIEME Berlin exhibition. Four years ago researchers from nine European countries and more than 30 partner organisations, universities and businesses came togeth... [more]

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